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Does any of this resonate with you:

  • Do you need another revenue stream for your online business? 
  • Are you tired of relying on ads for income?
  • Have you secured less sponsored work due to budget cuts? 
  • Are you frustrated by low Amazon commissions, but don’t know what else to do?
  • Do you want to create your own campaigns for products you already use and love?
  • Have you tried affiliate marketing before, but gotten overwhelmed?

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Your Guide - an Influencer Like You

Hi! I’m Jessica Turner, a lifestyle blogger with more than 15 years of experience working online. Yes, I’m an OG. I’ve written two best-selling books, spoken at dozens of events nationwide, and generated a full-time income online for a decade. I also worked in corporate marketing for many years before becoming a full-time influencer.

Online, my bread and butter has always been affiliate links. I love them. Last year, I sold millions of dollars worth of products and services, and generated multi-six figures with affiliate links.

While I have taught more than 1,500 bloggers and influencers about affiliates at some of the nation’s top blogging conferences, I’ve never made my knowledge broadly available. People have begged me to create a course for years, and it’s finally here! 

As Seen On

Affiliate Marketing for Influencers is unlike any other digital affiliate course because it is written by someone like you. The lessons are specific and actionable to your work. I’ve pulled back the curtain on my highest performing posts and held nothing back. Let me show you how to add a lucrative revenue stream to your business. You do NOT need a big list, massive social media following or fancy funnels to make money with affiliates. It’s not hard, I promise - and the payoff is huge. 

Check out what student, Megan Amrich, said about the course:

"This has been the single best investment for my blog, and my career!"


In Affiliate Marketing for Influencers you’ll learn:

  • How to pick the right affiliate partners for your site or platforms
  • Ways to cultivate relationships with affiliate managers, leading to higher commissions and more opportunities
  • Tips for increasing sales conversions on your website and social media
  • Strategies for using email effectively 
  • Ways  to succeed with Amazon’s affiliate program 
  • Tricks for using social media to generate commissions every day, even if you don't have a huge following 
  • Tactics for creating your own campaigns to make thousands of dollars, no matter the size of your platform

"In one year our affiliate income tripled thanks to the principles taught in Affiliate Marketing for Influencers. Jessica is a phenomenal teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase or diversify their revenue streams."

Erin Odom

"Jessica Turner is the once in a lifetime partner and social media genius every brand dreams of working with. Within weeks of joining our program, Jessica became the strongest Influencer in the Zulily ecosystem and drove nearly $1 million in sales in one year. We respect Jessica's affiliate marketing skills so much that our company even bought this class for many of our affiliates to take!"

Brittany Celata

"It's not an overstatement to say that Jessica's teaching about affiliate marketing completely CHANGED my business. In the last year, my affiliate income has become nearly half of my total revenue and my overall income has more than doubled."

Janssen Bradshaw

Your Syllabus

Learn how to disclose properly, understand program terms, discern if a bounty or percentage is better for you, find and join an affiliate program, and leverage Amazon’s bounty program to make more money.

Learn how to cultivate strong relationships with affiliate managers, how to stand out from other affiliates, secure lasting partnerships, maximize bonuses and connect with other affiliates to learn about new programs and opportunities. 

Learn how to use social media to promote affiliates, including tactics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube. 

Learn how to create high converting content, beginner steps for leveraging SEO, compose different types of affiliate posts, leverage your email list and maximize tools for conversions. 

Learn how to create a campaign around an affiliate promotion, identify the right types of offers and products, and audit a campaign’s success and opportunities after it is finished. 

Learn how to understand data from affiliate traffic and conversions, ways to make decisions about promotion based on data, how Google analytics can help you make more money and the importance of tracking data. 

Learn how to apply affiliate learnings to your business and how to move forward. 

"Jessica’s coaching has been the pivotal information that I needed to be an effective affiliate. Because of her connections, I found a perfect affiliate partner that generated more than six figures in income."

Myquillyn Smith

"Jessica has always been my go-to person when I need to understand how to naturally incorporate affiliate content into my platform. For many years, she’s taught me the secrets to making substantial income without overthinking it or becoming overwhelmed. She has a teacher’s heart, and I know you’ll love this course."

Amiyrah Martin
Owner, 4 Hats and Frugal

But wait there's more...

I've also created an incredible Facebook community if you want to get even more education and access to me. In this group, you will interact with other influencers, get answers to questions on a daily basis, receive new and exclusive affiliate promotion information and get on-going recommendations of affiliate programs and best practices. It's the best part of the course!

Change your business & your life

Your business deserves this investment. Your family deserves this investment. You deserve this investment. You can’t afford to not have an affiliate marketing strategy. It is the future for content creators. Learn my proven strategies of how I make thousands of dollars monthly. This is the easiest way to make money every single day. Let me show you how.

"Jessica teaches affiliate marketing in a way that is incredibly accessible, even for folks who are nervous about the "selling" aspect! Her thorough and open approach has helped many women in my community, including myself, make money!"

Brandi Riley
Founder, Courage To Earn

"Jessica is an absolute rock star in every way! Her forward-thinking and brainstorming is unmatched, and she has impressive knowledge in the direct-to-consumer space. She consistently achieves some of our network's highest conversion rates and is a pleasure to work with."

Andrew Ryles
Andrew Ryles




7 Days of Video Training

Jessica's Favorite Tools & Products

Affiliate Network Checklist

Email Templates

60-day Money back guarantee





7 Days of Video Training

Jessica's Favorite Tools & Products

Affiliate Network Checklist

Email Templates

60-day Money back guarantee

Private Facebook Community




Private Facebook Community


100% Money back Guarantee

60-day Money back guarantee: If you go through this entire program, put the lessons into practice and are not completely satisfied, we will give your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Those sessions are typically 35-45 minutes. This class’s seven lessons combine to more than 3.5 hours!

The community will give you regular access to Jessica and help take your leanings to the next level through real-time examples of what is working with affiliates. You will discover new programs, new ways to promote and lucrative campaigns.

You can still learn many tactics to leverage affiliate links and better monetize your platform. This course will give you the tools to add this lucrative income stream to your business.

Yes. Affiliate Marketing for Influencers is the most in-depth training tool for influencers available on affiliate marketing. If you apply what is taught in this course, you have the potential to transform your business and make thousands of dollars.

Affiliate Marketing for Influencers is a self-paced course. There is no end date! We recommend committing to listening to the lessons over a seven-day period. 

Yes. We might add additional resources over time, but beginning October 1 you will have full access to the course when you sign up. 

We will offer a full refund within 60 days of purchasing the course, if you are unhappy for any reason and have completed the lessons. 

Yes, we would love to have you promote Affiliate Marketing for Influncers. To learn about our program, with its generous 30-40% commission, click here.


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